Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Measuring Size

I love measurement! The kiddos are always soooo excited to measure using various tools. 
First, we discussed size.  The students lined up from tallest to shortest; I did not help them.  They're great little problem solvers.

Next, we ordered some items by size from our boxes.

The following day we began our discussion about length.  The students used cubes to measure items then record their data in their journals. 

This is one of my favorite activities!  Each child brought in various stuffed animals that were all different sizes.  Then, we took turns measuring the animals with Scooby snacks.  We compared which animals were longer or shorter and as went around the circle. 


After measuring with the Scooby snacks, each child drew his/her animal on a post-it note and wrote out how many snacks long it was. 

Finally, we ordered the animals from shortest to longest on our butcher paper.


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