Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthdays throughout the Seasons

Tyra and Hailey helped me put up our seasons birthday chart.  Ms. Young did a great job explaining 'time' and all the ways we can track it.

President's Day Fun

London, Kaleb, James, Keenan, and Bobby are proud of what we accomplished as a team!  After watching a video from BrainPopJr and reading a couple peices of literature, we brainstormed what the President does every day.

Here's a glyph comparing George Washinton and Abe Lincoln.
 Love this George with his famous pony tail!
 She said Abe was so happy because he was on the penny and the $5 bill.
I'm so frustrated bc I can't figure out how to change the direction of the pic!  I've changed it 100x in 'My Pictures' but vertical pics always show up the wrong way when it posts to the blog.  Any suggestions?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 'I Wonder...' Wall

The 'I wonder..' wall is the place where we can always check if we forget or need help remembering something.  I was always referring the kiddos to different places in the room.  Some may ask, "How do you write a W again?"  "How does a 14 go?"  Now, there's no need to think, "I wonder how...?"  The BEST kept secret about this wall is that its a motivator and assessment technique all in one!  As the children master the individual skills on the posters, their names will be written with an expo marker on the colored construction paper below.  (The crayon poster will be for their phone numbers and addresses; if anyone sees a poster with this type of info, let me know!) Now, I have assessment info right in front of me and can easily remind and ask students about different skills without having to look up the info! 

 Some may ask, "But what about those students who can't/don't master it and won't be able to put their name up on the page?"  Easy solution - just entice them be rewarding him or her with parts of their name written for partial mastery of the skill.  For instance, if the child knows 12 letter of the alphabet, roughly half of the child's name could be written on the page.  As he/she masters the rest, additional letters can be added. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Lovable Activities

Dog gone adorable writing.

Our class tree map about what Valentines is really about.

The Kings and Queens of Hearts decorated their own Valentine's Day Boxes and made heart headbands by counting in sets of tens.

These are my personal Sweethearts / Valentines. Haden, 5, Caroline, 3, and Cason, 8.

Ms. Young helps our friends arrange the doggie parts.  Don't Jadyn, Hannah, and Tuff look cute in their red?

We are working on number sight words and one to one correspondance by cutting and pasting a heart puzzel.  Good Job Caleb, Emma, and Mason!

Hayden, Tyra, and 'mom' are writing about who they love and why. :)

Bobby, Hailey, and Jessie have put their numbers in order (by tens) are are ready to go!

Bree, Nathan, and Sydney are watercoloring to discover some 'magic'.  I wrote four popcorn words with a white crayon in the middle of a blank frame on white copy paper.  You should see and hear the kids as the words start to 'appear' on their pages!

This is my littlest Valentine after a long day of cards and treats. 

The Last of Winter

Anyone up for hot chocolate?  We loved adding marshmallows with our friends!

Look at some of the snowmen (and women) we created then analyzed.

We loved reading Jann Brett's 'The Mitten'.  We used masks to retell the story and all climbed into a BIG white mitten, that is until the bear sneezed!

We read both versions of the story then compared the two.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We had a blast on Sprit Day! We even won the spirit stick for completing the most accademic activities and learning about our state, country, and hero.

Are these not the cutest kiddos you've ever seen!  We were decked out in our HB Williams fieldtrip shirts, White House football shirts, and even a hand made spirit day shirt!

We're posing in front of our school's large map where a poster of our hero, Abraham Lincoln, is displayed.  Each class created something to wear to the assembly that involved their state; we made headbands with a large penny and a five dollar bill, both of which have pictures of honest Abe.

Our sweet friend, Hayden Matherly, dressed as Abe Lincoln and went in front of the entire school to explain about his life.  The friend next to him is Abigail; she's in Mrs. Fowler's K class.

Here's our class continuing to celebrate on one of the few school days we've had lately.  That's me and our cool Student Teacher, Ms. Rachel Young, in the back.  Our class knows how to have fun!

Look at what we've been studying.....

We loved reading 'The Three Snow Bears' by Jann Brett and 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' by Valerie Gerbacher. The kids couldn't believe that 2 storries could be so different, yet so similar.  After recording our findings, we reviewed our sight words later in the day by 'buttering' them with a yellow marker.  At the end of the day we created a bar graph and filled in which story we liked best.  Finally, we analyzed our results at the bottom.  :)

We've been reading a lot of Jann Brett's wonderful books!  This was an activity on 'The Hat'.  We focused on sequencing and identifying important aspects of the literature we read (author, setting, characters, etc.)
Zero the Hero 100 day MARCH!!!
Jordan, Keenan, and Jadyn
'100 yr old' Sydney, James, and Jessie
                  Sweet Hailey, Bree, '100 yr old' Caleb, and Tuff
                     Tyra, London, Kaleb, and Hnnah are working so well together!
Working hard on our 100th day snack mats. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's up, but still learning to run it!

Thanks to my wonderful friend and student teacher, I now have a blog where I can show off all the fun activities my students are doing!  February is a great learning month filled with new concepts like time, implementing capitolization and punctuation, and don't forgot those cute Valentines crafts.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celebrating the 100th Day of School