Monday, August 15, 2011

Calendar Board and Tidbits

Keep in mind, the classroom is still under construction!  Here are a few pictures of some things in our room...

Love this class graphing pack from Kelly's Kindergarten. FREE downloads for every week of the year! 

Our Rules and stick chart.  Of course we use Dr Jean's Rules Rap to introduce and reiterate during the year.

My kids always complained about having to clean the lunch tables.  I created these 'sticks' with all the kiddos names (red for girls, blue for boys).  Now I pull four and move them over to the next cup.  The tablewashers put on the nametags and everyone only has to wash the tables about 1x a wk.

This is your typical 'word wall' chant activity.  At the beginning of the year, we use our friends names.  Later on we'll use seasonal words like ghost, turkey, presants, etc.

Our county just started the mandatory posting of 'I Can...' statements in the room. 

This is what I use during calendar and question time for kiddos to answer questions.  No one know when their name may be called, so you better stay on your toes!  I also keep my 'smartie pills' (M&Ms, smarties, skittles, etc.) ready to hand out in the same basket.

LOVE our estimation jar.  One student takes the jar home every night and puts 1-50 small items inside. The students record their estimations on small post it notes and write their names.  Whoever has the closest 'guess' recieves a smartie pill and the class does a cheer!


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