Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polar Bears / Arctic Animals

We're learning all kinds of amazing facts about Polar Bears!!  
Most of the materials that I used during this unit were purchased on TpT. The is Deanna Jump's Arctic Animals Unit. 

First we discussed ways that animals survive in the winter.  We created a T-chart and sorted animals that hibernate, adapt, and migrate. 

 After reading multiple non-fiction books on Polar Bears, we took a break and created some Polar Bear biscuits.   Then, we wrote about the supplies we needed and directions we had to follow in order to create these yummy treats.  

We also read and compared to storries about different kinds of bears.  We compared Goldilocks and the Three Bears  to The Three Snow Bears.   We used Jann Brett's versions to discuss the amazing illustrations as well.  


The Writer Chic said...

Seth's preschool just finished a segment on arctic animals, and we have been talking about polar bears and penguins non stop. The 4" of snow we got yesterday added to the excitement, too!

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