Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 'I Wonder...' Wall

The 'I wonder..' wall is the place where we can always check if we forget or need help remembering something.  I was always referring the kiddos to different places in the room.  Some may ask, "How do you write a W again?"  "How does a 14 go?"  Now, there's no need to think, "I wonder how...?"  The BEST kept secret about this wall is that its a motivator and assessment technique all in one!  As the children master the individual skills on the posters, their names will be written with an expo marker on the colored construction paper below.  (The crayon poster will be for their phone numbers and addresses; if anyone sees a poster with this type of info, let me know!) Now, I have assessment info right in front of me and can easily remind and ask students about different skills without having to look up the info! 

 Some may ask, "But what about those students who can't/don't master it and won't be able to put their name up on the page?"  Easy solution - just entice them be rewarding him or her with parts of their name written for partial mastery of the skill.  For instance, if the child knows 12 letter of the alphabet, roughly half of the child's name could be written on the page.  As he/she masters the rest, additional letters can be added. 


Chantelle said...

I love your "I Wonder..." Wall! It is very creative and helpful, both to the teachers and the students. You asked if anyone knew of a poster that could be used to write addresses and phone numbers, I don't believe that I've seen one of those posters BUT if you go to a Kinko's or any printing store they can put any image you create and turn it into a poster. So, I'm sure if you create a doc on Microsoft Word and add whatever cute border and clipart you like then they can blow it up for you into poster size and voila'! You've got yourself your poster :) Hope this helps and thanks for sharing your amazing ideas with us!



Sarah said...

Cute idea!!

Shannon said...

Wow.... cool idea!!! I love how graphically appealing it is too!


Kristin said...

Love this idea! Cannot wait to try something liek this in my Spec. Ed room!

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