Sunday, March 27, 2011

Transportation is All Around Us!

After reading mulitple types of literature, including Max Takes the Train from our Scott Foresman Reading series, we brainstormed and labeled all types of ways to get around. We talked about what traveled by air, water, and on land.  We also used tally marks to see which of us had ever been on a subway train, a horse, a helicopter, etc.   

The sentences above are examples of what travels by air.  I'm so proud of the way they remembered to use capitalization and punctuation while writing!

The following pictures are examples of what we've been doing in our literacy centers during small group guided reading time. 

 We used geometric shapes to make forms of transportation then labeled the objects and wrote sentences about our pictures. Nathan and Jadyn both liked the idea of things on water.
Here Tuff and Hayden are writing in their Dr's Journals (our letter for the week was Jj).  We followed up our discussion on cause and effect by explaining that Dr.'s must diagnose patients then decide the proper type of care that is needed to make the person better.  They had to write at least 2 sentences decribing what they found.  I love using Lakeshore's Vocabulary rings in the dramatic play / writing center.  

Bobby, Hailey, and Emma used books to help brainstorm what type of transportation they would take and where they would go. 

Jessie and Hannah did an amazing job drawing and labeling their airplanes.

James sorts the given pictures into where they belong (air, land, water), then labels the items.

These vowel puzzels are great for review.  Sydney and London take turns reading the words to eachother.

This week, we're building word family words then naming 3 others words that rhyme!  Mason and Bree did such a great job!


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