Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Counting on our Fall Walk

Its BEAUTIFUL here in Tennessee!

Today we embarked on a big adventure all around our school property.  We took a fall walk looking for sets of 5;  our mission was to find 5 red, brown, green, & yellow leaves.  Then, we got to pick up as many acorns as we could carry!

We had to get a drink after all that walking!

Next, we came in and created our fall wreaths.  Afterwards, we recorded how many colored leaves we placed on the wreath, and how many acorns we had left in our bag.  :)

Silly Socks and Hair for Letter Ss

 I just love being silly with these kiddos!!!!

 Super Silly Hair!!!!
Kindergarten Silly Friends

Family Pumpkin Projects

Halloween Family Pumpkin Projects!

Friday, October 19, 2012


We learned all about Spiders today!  
 After reading some Non-Fiction books about Spiders, we created this chart.
Next, we gathered some facts about spiders and made some our own.

 Of course we needed to investigate who was afraid of the little insects.....
(sorry I couldn't get the pictures to turn!)

 Finally, we made spider books with our fingerprints.  This went along nicely with the our Topic in Math - Numbers 0-5.

 Thanks for checking out our work!!!  :)