Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dr. Suess Silly Times

We've been studying a different Dr. Suess Book each day!

Love this ABC Order Activity.  Cute and fun!

This is our word wall.  We use our names and environmental print that the children cut out at home to study everyday words.  There is a separate 'Popcorn Words' chart in the room with our sight words.  I empahsize that these words must 'pop' out of your mouth; we can't sound them out!

This is part of my new Dramatic Play Center.  I LOVE these easy, fun writing ideas.  We take turns using different 'themes' that correlate to the letters we're learning.  Lakeshore makes some amazing word rings that I also put in this center.  I've laminated advertisemnts (grocery fliers, WalMart, Walgreens, etc.) so the children can look up words and prices for items.  The used expo markers to find popcorn words and letters and the begnning of the year.  Now they're writing sentences!

This is an example of one of my favorite games, SWAT.  You can use anything, money, words, pictures for beginning sounds, etc., for the children to 'swat' at.  I put the kids in teams of twos.  Sometimes if we're working on a particular skill, identifying teen numbers, etc, we'll have SHOWDOWNS where the kiddos can battle eachother.

Had to add this picture from my son's Chick-Fil-A birthday party today.  We had a great time with some very sweet friends.


Kelly said...

Are your shopping list and pizza hut guest lists able to be purchased or downloaded anywhere? I love them. They are a great mix of academic and dramatic play!

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