Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hibernation Day!

Today we had a fantastic time role playing through the hibernation process!  First, we began with our reading story last week, A Bed for Winter.  We created our T chart as we discussed what types of animals hibernate, adapts, and migrate in the winter months.  Next, we read many of Karman Wilson's books, including Bear's New Friend, Bear Feels Scared, and Bear Snores On.  But, one of my favorites is a new book by Michelle Meadows titled Hibernation Station.  Myself and the kiddos loved the illustrations throughout the story. 

Today was finally the day we've been waiting for, we got to go into hibernation!  The students brought multiple animals that we learned about throughout the past week.  First, we had to find food and water before we settled down.  I placed plates of 'hibernation food' around the room.  After being given a baggie, the students had to search the room for food to store up for the winter.  We discussed how some food may be hard to find; we can find it up high in trees (our loft), under stumps (our reading rack), and many other places.  After gathering our food, we took a drink from the stream (our water fountain), and headed out to find a safe place to sleep.  

Where could that food be hiding?

The hunt is on!

Sitting down for our last snack before a long winters nap.

One last sip of water from the stream before we go down. 

It's lullaby time.  We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as we drifted away.

Winter's OVER!  Time to wake up!

Afterwards we disigned our habitats for the winter months, then we wrote a sentence about our animal.

So proud of these little guys and gals!  Another great resource to check out is
Duck at the Door  by Jackie Urbanovic.  It involves a duck staying behind with his new friends instead of migrating.  Very cute!


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Have I told you how much I love your blog!! I love getting to see pics of what they are doing throughout the day :)

~*~Ashley Cross~*~ said...

So I did a search on Google Reader for "hibernation", and who should come up but you! :) Sweet friend, you are on the ball! Love this. And it's good to see what you are doing so we can extend it and not repeat it!

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