Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's the 100th day of School!

Here's a few of the fun activities we did today!

 The 100th day wouldn't be complete without a visit from our friend, Zero the Hero.  He left us all kinds of surprises around the room. 

 Look at the gray hair!
 What a handsome old man.
 We created a snack with 100 items in it!  Each friend got to go around the table and pick out 10 things from each of the 10 food items. 
Our 100 year old friends.


One of my favorite units during the year is on Arctic Animals when we first return after the break.  Here are some pics of a few of the activities we've done so far....
Here are some of the resources we used.  I purchased Deanna Jump's Penguin Unit from TpT.  I highly recommend ALL of here creations!

 We practiced sliding on our bellies right before we experimented with the blubber.
The picture rotation thing with Blogger is driving me crazy, sorry!  Simple recipe for a blubber experiment.  Grab a lrg ziplock bag, spoon in shortening, then turn another ziplock bag inside out and place it inside the bag with the 'blubber'.  You can now 'zip' the two bags together so that no shortening comes out.  I used a cooler from the cafeteria filled with ice for our 'Artic habitat'. 

 We also experimented with 'the special oil found on penguins feathers'.  We used Vaseline to coat our fingers with then ran water over them to see how it reacted.  'Magically' the water ran right off and the finger didn't feel wet. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's the 100th Day!

Check out some of the amazing things we did on our 100th day of school!!!!!

Of course the day couldn't be complete without a visit from Zero the Hero!
Look at some of the sneaky things he did when we left the room...

We saw REAL pictures of him for the first time.  Mrs. Cooper got to meet him at a Math Workshop last summer.  :)

There were 100s hidden all over the room!

In the morning, we divided inot four learning groups.  

The first group made a snoman looking up, then complete a math sentence according to how many snowflakes were "falling on his head."
The second groups wrote about what they would want and look like when they turn 100 years old. 

These are our silly headbands.  Each students used our Do A Dot Doppers to put ten dots on ten strips. 

At this station, students were given multiple manipulative to place and count onto our 100 counting board, 

 Old Lady Aylin is 100 Day Smarter!
 Look at this handsome old man.
 At the end of our day, we made snack baggies with 100 treats.  Gracious parents sent in food supplies.  Each child walked around the table and collected 10 of each of the 10 items.   
 Man they look good for 100 years Old.

Thank you for visiting this post! If you have any other 100 Day activites, please let me know!  We also wrote about what we'd do with 100 dollars, did 100 excercises, and named 100 things we have learned in Kindergarten so far.