Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Investigation Day

First we evaluated the pumpkin that we picked on our fieldtrip.

Look at how mesmorized they are!

We used small post-its to record our estimates on, then we placed them into the rectangles.

Thank goodness for Mrs. Taylor!  We could never do it without you Brandy.

Before estimating the weight, every student came up and lifted 'Mr. Orange'.

We compared our pumpkins weight to other objects in the room.

Next, we went down the hall and visited our Nurse's station.  We used the scale to measure each pumpkin.

All these little guys waited so patiently for their turn.

Mr. Josh helped us so much!

When we returned to the classroom, we evaluated our estimates and concluded that many of them were way too high.

Next, we discussed the word 'circumfrence'.

Each child cut off a strand of yarn that they believed would fit perfectly around the pumpkin.  Then we lined up in the order of our strings from shortest to longest.

Finally, each group of students at the tables got to use the information they learned from our whole group lesson and apply it to their own pumpkin and recording sheet.

Now comes the fun part!  We cut each of them open and scooped out the 'guts' and seeds.  For many of them, this was their first time ever carving a pumpkin.

We arranged the seeds in rows of tens so they'd be easier to count.

On Friday, each child brought in a 'baby' pumpkin to decorate. We arranged them by size from smallest to largest.

Here are our jack-o-lanturns!


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