Monday, October 24, 2011

Habitats - Centers

We've had such a great time these past two weeks learning about habitats!  This also happened to have been the second time I was evaluated by my administrator; she was in the room for over and hour!  Talk about pressure!  The first thing we covered was a review of letter Ss - beginning and ending sounds.  They loved this illustration.  The students responses were recorded phonetically on our teacher made board.

Bryce and Dylan were practicing stamping their ABC's in order.

Savannah and Landon read about and sorted fiction and nonfiction pieces of literature into various habitats.  

Aylin loves playing on the Leapster!

How cute is this dude's spike?  Bryson was practicing forming numbers on his Leapsters.

In our dramatic play center, Dayton and Bella were buying and selling items in a 'Halloween Store' while identifying coins and their values.

Rylie and Kaitlyn are playing Millie's Math and practicing rhyming words with the Scott Foresman software.

These are the small groups that created our various habitats.  Each area (or habitat) had multiple examples of fiction and nonfiction pieces of literature, props, stuffed animals, and movies that described what the environment and characters are like in each habitat.  For example, we had an Ariel doll, Finding Nemo, and Life in an Ocean, which was our last book covered in our Scott Foresman Series.  We had Bambi, The Fox and the Hound, Snow White,  and many more in our Forest habitat area.  The Arctic was a little foreign for them.  Upon our first investigation (during our prelearning brainstorming session), they were naming animals like dogs and giraffes.  I loved seeing and hearing the "Oh!!!" once they learned what the arctic habitat really is.

Here's our Story Map of In the Orange Grove

Examples of items at habitat stations

This is an oldie, but a goodie.  I love learning about bones.  We also wrote about how our bones help us to move. This friend wrote, "cik a bol".  :)

I believe I got this activity from Kelly's Kindergarten. I love the shape component with it.

Skylar did so well with this color graph!

Kaitlyn was so meticulous while painting her pumpkin.  What a great job!

Lillian described hers as "gorgeous!".

Kaleb and Landon really took their time.

This is a pic of my son Cason; I love this little man.  Our third grade does a fantastic job of rewarding behavior. They got to dress up and play at stations outside.  His teacher, Mrs. Moran, is one of the most patient and loving women I know.  We're so blessed!

My husband Josh got to be there with Cason; he was on fall break.  :)


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