Sunday, February 13, 2011

We had a blast on Sprit Day! We even won the spirit stick for completing the most accademic activities and learning about our state, country, and hero.

Are these not the cutest kiddos you've ever seen!  We were decked out in our HB Williams fieldtrip shirts, White House football shirts, and even a hand made spirit day shirt!

We're posing in front of our school's large map where a poster of our hero, Abraham Lincoln, is displayed.  Each class created something to wear to the assembly that involved their state; we made headbands with a large penny and a five dollar bill, both of which have pictures of honest Abe.

Our sweet friend, Hayden Matherly, dressed as Abe Lincoln and went in front of the entire school to explain about his life.  The friend next to him is Abigail; she's in Mrs. Fowler's K class.

Here's our class continuing to celebrate on one of the few school days we've had lately.  That's me and our cool Student Teacher, Ms. Rachel Young, in the back.  Our class knows how to have fun!


~*~Ash~*~ said...

Love your blog, Mrs. Cooper! It looks fantastic! :) Great job.

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