Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Lovable Activities

Dog gone adorable writing.

Our class tree map about what Valentines is really about.

The Kings and Queens of Hearts decorated their own Valentine's Day Boxes and made heart headbands by counting in sets of tens.

These are my personal Sweethearts / Valentines. Haden, 5, Caroline, 3, and Cason, 8.

Ms. Young helps our friends arrange the doggie parts.  Don't Jadyn, Hannah, and Tuff look cute in their red?

We are working on number sight words and one to one correspondance by cutting and pasting a heart puzzel.  Good Job Caleb, Emma, and Mason!

Hayden, Tyra, and 'mom' are writing about who they love and why. :)

Bobby, Hailey, and Jessie have put their numbers in order (by tens) are are ready to go!

Bree, Nathan, and Sydney are watercoloring to discover some 'magic'.  I wrote four popcorn words with a white crayon in the middle of a blank frame on white copy paper.  You should see and hear the kids as the words start to 'appear' on their pages!

This is my littlest Valentine after a long day of cards and treats. 


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