Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We're studying all about APPLES!! It must be fall!

 First we examined all of the parts of an apple and how important labeling can be. 
 Next, the students were introduced to a pictograph.
We created it using the apples that each child brought in from home. 
 On our apple tasting day, we sorted the various types of apples brought in.  Next, I cut each one and allowed the students to examine the core and seeds. 
 Now its time to eat & decide what type of apple we like best!

 Of course we had to create a bar graph from the data we collected. 
 This is one of the neatest tricks I've ever been taught at an inservice. Simply cut our the bars from any graph and loop them together to make a circle.  Next, lay the circle on the paper, then mark the spaces where the different colors meet.  Voila! You just made a pie graph from a bar graph!

Of course we had to sample some Apple Cider and Apple Juice.

For our Wonderful Weds treat, we enjoyed trying some biscuits with Apple Jelly.

An apple study isn't complete without some applesauce.


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