Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Incentives- Brownie Points

My new FAVORITE way to reward my students is through the use of brownie points.  I bought a cheap pan from Wal-Mart, hot glued the ribbon around the outside, and copy and pasted some 'brownies' for our counters.  The students earn a 'brownie point' each time the receive a compliment or work together as a TEAM.  The class has earned brownie points for completing centers quietly, listening during a story, sitting nicely on the carpet, lining up when called, etc.  

When we accumulate 20 points, the class earns a reward.  Before we begin, the students choose what they'd like to work towards.  We earned our first reward yesterday, a Popsicle Party!  To enhance our study of position words, we also played Duck. Duck Goose.  You'd be surprised how many had never even heard of it! :)


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