Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Fun

Look at all the exciting things we've been doing in January!

It was Dd and Kk week; check out these yummy cookies that Mrs. Earls baked for us!  We sat in a group and named objects that began and ended in the K and D sounds.

After Christmas there's so much to learn and do! We've started our daily 'Drops in a Bucket' for Math.  I LOVE this additional piece to our day.  Also, WE CAN READ!!!! Now its time to practice our fluency and comprehension.  We take time every day to pair up with a friend and read.  We use witch fingers to track each word.

For some silly reason, Blogger isn't allowing me to rotate some of the following pictures sorry!
This first activity was a hit!

So funny to see their little faces when they open up their first snowflake!

It wouldn't be winter without snowmen.


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