Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What a Summer

This summer wasn't exactly what our family had planned;  however, we made it through and are excited and ready for a new school year!  Josh (my husband) and I are both tecahers.  We long for the
 'days off ' in the summer and the extra time to spend with our 3 amazing kiddos.

On the last day of school, we left for Disney World with two other couples and another one of my best friends.  9 kids and 7 adults ready for a week long of family fun!

So after an AMAZING week in FL, we returned home safe and sound.  I started not feeling well late in the week and went to the Dr. on Fri.  By 4:00 that day, I learned I had more than 20 + kidney stones and would need surgery immediately.  Now, 2 months later and 2 kidney surgeries later, I'm feeling better and ready to dive into Fall!


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