Sunday, March 6, 2011

We LOVE Center Time!

Literacy Centers and Math Stations are the students favorite times of day.  Literacy centers take place during the morning after our whole group reading workshop time.  This year, I've changed the schedule up a bit and am doing writing right before the kiddos break off to their centers.  This allows me to meet with each leveled reading group and not only practice with our guided readers, but work on punctuation, phonemic writing, and handwriting all at the same time.  
I start off with 5 leveled groups at the beginning of the year then divide the children up into 4 groups after Christmas. They simply bring their writing to the kidney shaped table when their reading group is called.  I start with my lowest leveled group since they struggle the most with writing; we 'help' eachother sound out and write out the answers to the prompts given.  Most of the other groups are capable of completing the writing prompt; we work on spacing and some finishing touches like adding details and punctuation.   

At our writing center, London is putting together blend words then practicing writing them between the head line, mid-line and base line.

Bree and Tyra are using buttons to add numbers together then make a puzzel.

Sydney and Hannah are at our 'Stamp Station'.  This week we're stamping out Cat In The Hat vocabulary words.
Our letter for the week is 'e'.  All the students have the opportunity to be a vet, choose an animal, then write sentences detailing what the purpose for the visit is and how they will help cure that animal. 
Tuff does a great job 'buttering' our Popcorn words.  Afterwards, the students circle all of the letters and words we are studying for the week on our Scott Foresman Song Chart.


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